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2022 Employee Engagement

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Keynote: Every Experience Matters!

Monday Jun 6, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT — Sign Up For Events

Are there any experiences in the consumer/provider exchange that don’t matter? And how does this translate in the employee experience of the exchange?

Think about it, on average 7-15% of revenue goes toward marketing designed to present an image of care and concern for our customers. Recruiting and training top talent to serve our customers runs upwards of $4,000 per person. Our technology budgets reflect our best attempts to anticipate and respond to customer preferences, while supporting intuitive end-user functionality. All of this suggests that we are keenly aware of the importance of every experience in the consumer-provider-agent exchange of Customer Service. And lately, we have been challenged to re-envision the customer experience from both sides of the exchange.

In this keynote address, we take a closer look at the influences, impacts and opportunities that are before us to transform the customer and employee experiences within our organizations. 



Penny Tootle, Director of Customer Engagement, Utilligent

Penny Tootle Penny Tootle, Director of Customer Engagement, Utilligent

Helping individuals navigate and embrace change in the workplace has been a constant theme in Penny Tootle’s career. She is currently initiating research on the perceptions of public service employees in pursuit of an Industrial and Organizational Psychology PhD. Her Bachelors is in Business Administration and she has earned two Masters degrees, one in Human Service Counseling from Liberty University and the other in Leadership Studies from Luther Rice Seminary. She is a Prosci® certified change practitioner and QATC board member. Penny is known for an endearing and personally impactful communication style that drives listeners inward to understand their strengths!