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CrmXchange new logo Established in 1995, CRMXCHANGE.COM stands as a trailblazer in the digital landscape, fostering a dynamic platform for the exchange of insights and innovations in customer relationship management, customer service, and contact center strategies. Over the span of two decades, our enduring partnerships with industry leaders and analysts have endowed us with unparalleled expertise, empowering us to curate cutting-edge business intelligence required for successful contact center operations.
Pioneering the realm of Virtual Conferences over 15 years ago, CRMXCHANGE.COM recognizes the pivotal role of online platforms in facilitating peer-to-peer communication within the industry. We have gained a reputation for our proficiency in orchestrating and promoting webcasts and other digital gatherings, solidifying our reputation as a hub of expertise in online event hosting and marketing.

qatcThe Quality Assurance & Training Connection (QATC) is a membership association created specifically for quality assurance and training professionals in the call center. QATC provides its membership with a variety of benefits, including tips of the week, how-to newsletters, regional networking meetings, online forums, and an annual conference. The QATC Advisory Board provides leadership and directs many of their activities. The Board is composed of recognized call center leaders and industry experts.