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2022 Employee Engagement

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3 Ways Coaching Employees Leads to ROI

Monday Jun 6, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT — Sign Up For Events

It’s easy for businesses to say they wish to drive a positive customer experience, yet it’s an incredibly challenging goal to realize. Orienting your organization around the customer requires you to not only understand the customer – but to empower every member of your customer-facing team to deliver the best possible experience. And that requires you to also deliver the best possible employee experience. This begins with employee training and development.

Join Anne Dawson, Sr. Manager, Employee Development & Training, CallMiner, as she dives into best practices of training new employees, how to keep them engaged and inspired, and how forward-looking businesses are using employee development to drive ROI. Anne will share tips & tricks as one of the leaders of the CallMiner Employee Development & Training department.


Anne Dawson, Sr. Manager, Employee Development & Training, CallMiner

CallMiner - Anne Dawson Anne Dawson, Sr. Manager, Employee Development & Training, CallMiner

Anne originally joined CallMiner in 2010. Our Employee Development & Training department supports CallMiner’s employee and leadership development, organization development systems, career development and talent management. Anne’s background includes leadership and training roles in multiple industries including telecom, logistics and software. Before moving into Employee Development at CallMiner, Anne led our Customer Acceleration Department, overseeing all our customers’ education, training, and business analyst interaction. Anne holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Bellevue University and a MSA in Organizational Management.