The Virtual Summit

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Why Attend The Virtual Contact Center Conference?

Whether their journey begins on the smartphone in their pocket, the tablet in their backpack or the laptop in their briefcase, consumers can search online for anything, at any time. Today’s connected customer uses all available options and may engage your company on a variety of channels, so you need to make it easy to interact with your organization in the ways that are most comfortable for them

To guide people on the right path, the experts say you have to ‘know’ your customers… but what does that really mean? How can you get a clearer idea of what customers expect… gain insights on their overall experience …and find out how they feel about their interactions with your company?

The March virtual conference “The Journey of the Connected Customer,” will position you to build more profitable customer relationships by helping you design and consistently deliver more intuitive customer journeys. Register now for four days of information-intensive webcasts offering proven strategies presented by the leading minds in the industry. The sessions are structured to benefit contact center leaders at all levels - supervisors, managers, director and C-level executives - helping you build advocacy and improved results by

  1. Learning how to reduce Customer Effort – Make it simpler for them to do business with you

  2. How to have an integrated approach to channel management

  3. Exploring the deployment of improved customer support tools, including upgraded self-service options and building a knowledge foundation

  4. Understanding if AI is right for you

  5. Mapping your customer journey to provide consistent context across the channels


  A Journey of a Thousand Ideas Begins with a Single Mouse click!


In real time, you can meet with industry experts and colleagues who will answer your questions and offer business solutions for your contact center, right from your desk. Attend high-quality educational sessions the same way you would at an on-site event..  


  Choose the Live Sessions that Best Meet Your Needs...and Catch the Ones You Missed Later


Everyone in your organization can share their newly acquired knowledge. Members of your team can either attend sessions together or take advantage of different session tracks. All sessions are recorded and remain available on demand for two weeks after the conference – giving those who could not attend the opportunity to view the sessions later.


  Find Solutions and Review Product Demos in the Exhibit Hall


Browse the exhibit hall where you can download product videos, and obtain product information, press releases, white papers, and much more.  See what's new.  Sponsors are ready to share the latest innovations that may benefit your contact center. Get details on what you need to manage your contact center without traveling miles or spending time away from your office. View product demos of the newest solutions.


Network with Colleagues and Presenters


Chat with presenters and peers in the virtual lounge, a specially designed virtual networking forum for registered members of this online event. Learn what others are doing, meet colleagues, pose questions, and offer your own insights.

  What Past Virtual Conference Attendees Have to Say

“You have mastered the ‘virtual conference’! So simple to participate and access recorded sessions afterward.”
DEBORAH MORDEN, Contact Strategies
“There was valuable information to glean from every event. Speakers were very knowledgeable. I also liked the ability to attend virtually.”  
TONY GRACZYK, Principal Financial 
“As usual, very informative and very conducive to a hectic work schedule.”
HEIDI VAN SCOY, Windstream Communication 




For more information, please call 941-702-8389.