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The ‘Dis’ Connected Consumer - When Omnichannel Becomes a Four-Letter Word

Monday Mar 14, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT — RECORDING

All companies want seamless omnichannel experiences, yet so many fail in their attempts. How, and the bigger question – why – does this keep happening?

Join this session for a fun yet also heartbreaking voyage through the pitfalls of customer journeys in the omnichannel world. Rick Britt, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence, CallMiner Research Lab will discuss the five biggest disconnections the CallMiner AI and Analyst teams have uncovered, how you can avoid these same mistakes and ultimately, keep your customers happily connected.


Rick Britt, VP of Artificial Intelligence, CallMiner

CallMiner Rick Britt Rick Britt, VP of Artificial Intelligence, CallMiner

As the Vice President of Artificial Intelligence, Rick leads the talented team of Data Scientists and AI Engineers who are as passionate about machine learning solutions as he is. Rick and his team are keenly focused on research that does not replace humans, but augments their skills, allowing them to excel in partnership with AI. Blending theoretical and practical research he and his team leverage CallMiner's prodigious data and powerful capabilities to help customers achieve the return on investment they desire. Over his career Rick has worked in operations and analytics for some of the largest financial institutions, BPO’s and for a brief stint, marketing agencies, but his passion for people and behaviors has always brought him back to call center related analytics. He holds a BS degree in Economics from the Pennsylvania State University.