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Genesys Q&A with Sheri Greenhaus of CRMXchange


Presented By: Genesys

Follow up to Aug 31 press release and external FAQ

1. Both Genesys and Interactive Intelligence are listed in the Magic Quadrants for Contact Center Infrastructure and Deployment of Cloud, Hybrid or Premise. How do you envision these solutions being integrated in the new joint company?

Genesys: We intend to continue to invest in the entire product portfolio of both companies. This transaction will accelerate our ability to execute on our mission of powering the world’s best customer experiences at scale, anytime, anywhere – over any channel, in the cloud and on-premise. Once the transaction has closed, the combined teams will work together to develop a unified product roadmap that draws from the best capabilities and strengths of both companies, providing enhanced offerings to customers.

2. A number of your respective products had been competitive with each other: while you have stated that existing customers will not be affected, how do you see the merger affect pricing in the future?

Genesys: We anticipate no changes to our pricing due to this transaction and regularly evaluate pricing for customer value.

3. Looking ahead, will there be consolidation of the sales forces and R&D teams?

Genesys: The opportunity with this acquisition is to vastly expand our market reach for products and services. Together, we will be able to offer a broader and more compelling set of solutions. We intend to have a strong sales and support team in place to deliver on this opportunity. For R&D, we will invest in the full product portfolio of both companies with an annual investment approaching $200 million.

4. Will the separate Interactive Intelligence identity be continued or will the company simply be known as Genesys?

Genesys: We are addressing branding as part of the integration planning work and will be ready at the transaction’s close.

5. In what ways does the merger accelerate the ongoing migration to the cloud? While you will of course continue to support premise and hybrid deployments, do you see them gradually being phased out?

Genesys: Cloud adoption continues to increase, from small-medium businesses (SMB) to the large enterprise segment. However, the smaller the contact center, the more likely it is to be looking at a cloud solution. We expect the high-end enterprise market, where Genesys has historical strength, will continue with on-premise solutions for a long time, but with cloud-like architectures. We intend to offer the same software from the low to the high end to allow for easy migration.