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Future Contact Center: The Customer Experience Backbone


Presented By: Calabrio

 By Tom Goodmanson, CEO of Calabrio     

The technology landscape is changing, and organizations are adapting how they do business. Businesses are looking to leverage technology to get the most out of each department, and the contact center is no exception. The contact center previously operated in a silo, but new advancements in cloud and analytics technology are improving the accessibility of collected data, which in turn is significantly elevating the role and value of the contact center.    

The modern contact center helps customer experience teams across all levels of the organization to more easily add quality customer data to their arsenal for better, faster decision-making. In turn, companies are gaining insights that were previously impossible to glean from real-time conversations—and are using their findings to shape overarching business strategies.   

Welcome to the Cloud    

The introduction of cloud-based solutions has offered organizations such unprecedented scalability, flexibility and integration—it’s clear the cloud is here to stay. With cloud as the new technology benchmark, even contact center providers are getting on board and breaking free of their traditional silos through data analysis and integration. By making marked improvements in operations and service levels for customers, the contact center is getting noticed, and this is just the beginning.    

These newfound capabilities are the first step towards unlocking customer data, and now companies can integrate contact center data with other cloud-based systems in order to create more comprehensive, consistent customer experiences. As data is turned into insights, and those insights into actions, organizations finally understand the value of contact center data, and not just on a departmental level. Contact centers will soon be seen as a core backbone of data for the entire organization.    

Cross-channel Customer Listening   

With smartphones, individuals have multiple ways of communicating with brands—all from the palm of their hand. Many organizations are already connecting with customers via email, social media and text messages, and now the contact center is charged with listening and analyzing data across these channels. By using a combination of advanced speech and text analytics to knit information together, contact centers are unlocking a whole new treasure trove of customer data. They’re showing organizations the bigger customer picture and, as a result, are deepening the customer experience. This adds yet another layer to the contact center’s data arsenal, cementing its importance in helping companies cultivate and perfect the customer experience.    

Connecting the Customer Journey    

While contact centers continue to ramp up on data collection and analysis, their real future lies in data integration with systems like customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). These systems don’t have a comprehensive view of the customer’s path to purchase and post-sale journey because they have operated without contact center data. When thorough listening to the voice of the customer, regardless of medium, is married with robust enterprise data, it allows all parts of the organization to analyze and adjust strategies based on more complete findings that accurately reflect the entire customer journey. This will be made possible and even easy by using advanced data marts. The result is a customer-centric strategy that is seamless across the entire organization.    

The New Customer Experience   

As the layers of cloud technology, omnichannel data analysis and systems integration become a reality for the contact center, the first stage of improvements will be to operations and customer service—but it doesn’t stop there. Companies will now look to the contact center to provide insights that drive customer engagement strategies across the organization. Finally, the future contact center will be viewed as major player when it comes to providing the best, most consistent customer experience possible across all channels. This will not only transform the customer experience as organizations adjust and improve, but it will open everyone’s eyes to the reality that the customer journey never truly ends.     

Tom Goodmanson is president and CEO at Calabrio (www.calabrio.com), a customer engagement software company that provides analytic insights to catalyze growth through the contact center. He has more than 20 years of experience leading fast growing dynamic software and technology companies.