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Contact Center Employees Warn Increasingly Complex Customer Problems and Lack of Support Will Negatively Impact the Brand Experience


Presented By: Calabrio

The idea that “the customer is always right” is rooted in the understanding that consumers are the drivers of brand success. Today, brands still abide by this unwritten rule and acknowledge that the customer experiences they deliver can make or break a business.   

However, despite a laser focus on the customer, many brands are still failing to meet expectations due to one critical oversight: the customer service employees on the front line—the agents whose conversations influence whether or not shoppers return. 

Agents are often the first point of contact a customer has with a brand, and they play a significant role in shaping the customer experience. Think about it: if your package delivery isn’t on time, you pick up the phone to call a business and talk to an agent. That experience, pleasant or not, will most likely determine your perception of the business. There’s a lot riding on that initial conversation, so empowering agents upfront with the right training and tools will result in more consistent, successful customer interactions. 

However, a recent report reveals the opposite may be taking place, and that companies need to do more for their agents in order to meet customer expectations and cultivate brand loyalty. 

56 percent of agents agree that dealing with complex customer issues is the most challenging part of their role

With voice assistants, chatbots and other self-service options, customers take care of simpler concerns themselves and leave the most complex problems for agents. Capturing, analyzing and sharing insights from more challenging customer interactions elevates the role of the agent and arms agents with answers for the next round of calls. 

45 percent of agents believe that customers will continue to expect more from the company, and they’ll expect it faster than ever

Customer expectations are on the rise. Flooded with choices at every turn, customers select and stick with brands that provide exceptional experiences. Winning companies enable and empower agents to answer the tough questions and do what’s right for the customer. 

60 percent of agents agree that their company doesn’t provide the technology they need to address the challenges they face when helping customers

What’s more, 34 percent of agents believe that they don’t have the right customer data available at the time of the request. With customer queries becoming more complex and coming in from all angles—be it text, social, web chat or phone calls—agents must be able to quickly access customer information in order to effectively solve problems. 

A quarter of agents say they feel stressed multiple times a week, and 52 percent agree that their company isn’t doing enough to prevent their teams from burning out

The pressure from customers and not having the right tools is weighing on agents’ well-being, and happy customers don’t exist without enthusiastic employees. Companies who put their own people first create the customer experience they desire. 

We all know that unhappy employees are likely to leave the company, and the survey revealed a full 35 percent of agents were considering leaving their jobs within the next year. What agents want and need is a more flexible working environment (34 percent), better technology that provides a single view of the customer (33 percent), and more training (21 percent) in order to get the results they want and improve relationships with customers. 

While brands have good intentions of putting the customer first, it’s simply not enough. They must first take a step back and focus on their own people. The best path to providing exceptional customer experiences is through happy employees—especially those on the front line.