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Call Center Week 2016 Preview: Cloud Contact Center Solutions


Presented By: CrmXchange

While continuous change and non-stop progress is a given in the contact center/customer experience space, identifying the right cloud-based contact center solution is a constant. Companies are looking for a product that delivers the functionality they need to improve operating efficiency, enabling enhanced productivity, and with a pricing structure that delivers rapid ROI.

Buyers will have the opportunity to speak with numerous contact center solution providers face-to-face at Call Center Week, June 27-July 1, at the Mirage in Las Vegas. In our continuing series of pre-event conversations with innovative sponsors CRMXchange caught up with two suppliers who believe their offerings deliver a high level of sophistication while minimizing cost and complexity: iQVentures and SafeSoft Solutions.

For contact center managers, the holy grail is to have a contact center system that they can successfully deploy within days (or less), without the need for extensive IT involvement. It would make customer interactions more productive and easier to handle for agents, who could become proficient in using it with minimal training. It would support both inbound and outbound calling with provisions for both in-house and remote agents. Such a solution would provide robust IVR and skill-based routing. It would have no CapEx requirements, maintenance costs, or need for a software download.

safesoft.june16These goals and many others can now be met. To Nima Hakimi, CEO of California-based SafeSoft Solutions, the key issue is ease of use. “In the process of designing our product, the one thing I heard over and over from potential customers was that existing systems are too complex. It takes too long for agents to learn to use the system.” SafeSoft recently retooled from its previous focus as a producer of outbound dialers. “We became aware that customers had a need for multiple means of communications,” said Hakimi, “So we rebuilt our solution from the ground up, leaving in the best elements from what we had done before but also creating an infrastructure with robust functionality for both outbound and inbound operations.”

The emphasis is on rapid deployment and highly flexible scalability. “It’s in the cloud, so there is no need for IT to get involved,” said Hakimi. He claims that as long as a company has a browser, it can have a functioning contact center within 15 minutes. Proper onboarding and training is also simplified. “We work with businesses to find out what challenges and pain points they face, and then come in to help them establish best practices with limited need for training on the agent side.” The commitment is to have SafeSoft’s engineering team work with each individual company to ensure their needs are being met.

iq.june16Nick Bandy, CEO of communications technology specialist iQVentures sees intelligence as the crucial element in enabling service organizations to become more productive. “The right solution provides business insights that not only make these companies smarter but allows them to free up resources and operate more efficiently,” he said. “Creating an intuitive ecosystem that can examine a number of interactions and unlock the valuable information inside conversations, especially in the often untapped area of what’s going on in the contact center, makes it easier to know what’s really going on, determine how agents are performing and improve operations.” iQventures solution is also browser-based, so users need only a computer, internet connection and a headset to deploy it within days and add agents within minutes.

Bandy views agents as the face of a business and considers finding the right ways to help them improve as critical to enhancing customer engagement and delivering superior service. He sees speech analytics as the key factor that ties these elements together. As an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner, iQVentures application enables companies to analyze recorded calls for quality assurance with sentiment analysis. It can also be integrated with legacy systems.

SafeSoft Solutions Hakimi believes that “First impressions are everything and that every customer’s voice must be heard.” They provide an IVR flow that enables customers to better self-serve their own inquiries and offers a drag-and-drop call flow designer that allows clients to specify conditions and visually design the proper inbound flow.

Both companies agree that browser-based cloud contact center solutions provide greater flexibility and make it far easier to implement changes and get agents up to speed more quickly. “Finding the right technology partner allows businesses to optimize the use of internal resources, operate more efficiently and provide better service to their most valued customers,” said Bandy.