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Call Center Week 2016 Summary


Presented By: CrmXchange

A comprehensive education program featuring Master Classes on CX and talent development led by industry experts…site tours of customer service paragon Zappos and the high-activity call center of the Las Vegas Valley Water District …an array of solution provider workshops covering everything from better serving mobile customers to employee engagement and eLearning to  journey mapping and messaging…an awards gala…end-user led sessions a series of peer-to-peer roundtables…keynotes, meet-ups and special events in the exhibit hall. Those were some of the highlights of the 17th Annual Call Center Week, held from June 27 to July 1 at the Mirage in Las Vegas.

An audience of 2,000 attendees had the opportunity to meet with more than 200 technology solution providers, and hear from a roster of over 130 speakers. CRMXchange was on the exhibit floor to learn more about the innovative new products and services coming up in the marketplace.

Power2Motivate – Employee Recognition programs   

Power2 Motivate, which was founded in 2007 as an offshoot of the Carlton Group and Global Reward Solutions, develops and manages a number of the world's largest customer loyalty and employee recognition programs. Their SaaS cloud-based platform enables businesses to quickly set up and deploy cost-effective recognition programs, as well as sales and channel incentives, training programs and rewards. 

 ccw.june2016a The company’s programs offer a variety of selections: electronic goods, household appliances, sporting goods, event tickets, global vacations, and travel sections. Employees have the ability to gain access to their points and literally spend them on anything. 

Organizations have the ability to gamify their employees’ and customers’ achievements by rewarding them with virtual badges or trophies. Managers and executives can choose the performance, sales, and behavior metrics they wish to monitor and reward. Comprehensive reports help track points and redemption rates. This helps to build an understanding of team motivation, and provide insight on return of investment.

The Power2Motivate Metric Manager lets organizations create rules based on customers’ status levels, target SKUs and member or product data. All of this information can be converted into leaderboards to motivate customers. Their incentive programs drive performance through behavioral change. The programs make it easy for companies to reinforce positive behaviors.

The parent company just introduced GCodes as a separate entity, a virtual gift code that can be delivered instantly to contacts all over the globe. Companies can create an account to buy single or bulk GCodes that instantly convert to valid currency in 85 nations. In addition, GCodes can be fully integrated with Salesforce or businesses can connect directly with the GCodes API to order in real time.    

HappyFox – Help Desk and Customer Support Solution   

HappyFox, a help desk and customer support software solution, enables organizations to cut down on the chaos factor while fostering a greater sense of order throughout the entire support process.  It incorporates a robust support ticket system, self-service knowledgebase and community forums. The cloud-based, mobile-ready and fully customizable solution converts any communication received via email, live chat or phone into actionable tickets. Companies can set due dates, categorize tickets under the default categories or create their own custom categories. Custom priorities and statuses can also be created for tickets based on organizational requirement. 

HappyFox’s support ticket features allow an organization to forward all the details of a specific ticket --including all replies --to a specific email ID. HappyFox Chat enables agents to remain in the conversation while searching for data. Its user-centric design makes it easy to access the data quickly and concisely. The customer’s history and interactions are brought to the agent in a single snapshot.  This capability empowers actionable insights on customer behavior, more personalized promotions and more productive customer conversations. HappyFox Chat is integrated with 120 apps and includes a mini-dashboard that shows what is happening in the contact center…traffic, chat, agent stats, and more.

Kipany (Screenplay) - Turning Customer Care to a Profit Center   

ccw.june2016bScreenPlay, Kipany’s web-based data-driven, customizable Customer Engagement platform, provides businesses with a suite of tools to enhance their customer interactions. ScreenPlay IDR provides an intuitive, flexible, user-friendly experience, allowing customers to effectively self-serve before any agent assistance is needed. The system provides unlimited paths to answer most questions, and the ability to perform tasks in a fully-automated, guided interaction that is easy to follow. Customers have the ability to request a live agent at any time during an interaction and can either be connected, or have an agent call them back.    

If an agent is required, ScreenPlay IDR auto-directs the customer to the most appropriate agent for that specific call, based on fully customizable parameters. The ScreenPlay IDR is highly adaptive, and can make adjustments in real time without any IT assistance. The solution provides analysis from the back end which helps companies create dynamic content on the voice channel and use the knowledge that’s been developed on the customer to generate better  content on self-service, website, SMS, social media and chat.   

ScreenPlay IDR can deliver measurable and significantly increased First Contact Resolution (FCR) rates, while helping to decrease costs, lower average handle time, and customer callbacks in all environments. A Digital Response Guide empowers agents to make the most logical next statement during an interaction.   

WEBTEXT Contact Center Text Messaging   

Now that carriers have been allowed to text-enable toll-free numbers and regulations are easing, SMS is gaining momentum as a customer communication channel. Using WEBTEXT, agents can identify a cell phone caller and text them information in real time during a conversation. Agents also have a complete history of all messaging sent to/from a caller’s number. 

With automated notifications, organizations now have the ability to send automated bulk SMS messages from their business systems using their existing toll-free number and receive replies from customers. When used with WEBTEXT Contact Center Messaging products, message replies can either be forwarded to a contact center chat agent or to the business system, depending on their content.    

WEBTEXT is the first messaging company to successfully integrate Facebook Messenger into both eGain and LivePerson webchat and deliver it into Cisco and Avaya contact centers.    

iQVentures – SpeechiQ   

 ccw.june2016c iQVentures views agents as the face of a business and considers finding the right ways to help agents improve as critical to enhancing customer engagement and delivering superior service. Speech analytics is a key factor that makes such improvements possible. SpeechiQ provides the ability to easily retrieve and review any key word or phrase within the recorded call, and score the call within the same page view. 

As an IBM Watson Ecosystem Partner, iQVentures’ application enables companies to analyze recorded calls for quality assurance with sentiment analysis. Businesses can evaluate customer sentiment by agent, salesperson, call center, campaign and more over any period of time. Recently launched is a Generally Available (GA) version of Watson Tone Analyzer that includes service improvements to enable tone detection in a broader variety of communications. The new service has improved textual tone detection models across the categories of Emotion, Language and Social and has expanded context sensitivity. Going beyond using lexical tokens to interpret tones, iQVentures has incorporated additional features such as punctuations, emoticons, and language parameters. As a result, the service is able to provide more robust tone insight.

The emotion detection models have been trained to include slang words. Many of their sponsor users employ the use of Tone Analyzer on social media posts, finding it key that the emotion models could recognize tones in the style of communication commonly used in social media.

iQVentures is focusing on contact center environments of 100 - 250 seats. SpeechiQ offers an easy to use drag-and-drop interface and is available as either a cloud-based platform or on premise.   


The TelcoAlert AgentQ Monitoring solution is an easy-to-use service that actively monitors both IVR and call center systems, which enables businesses to validate customer-facing IVR functionality and directly interacts with live agents in real-time. To test the IVR, calls are generated remotely and accessed through the organization’s public telephone network, providing real-world traffic from the customer's point of view. Calls are made over regular phone lines, similar to how a customer would interact with the system. Because of this, each call can test a wide variety of elements including proper telecom carrier routing and call center reachability. Once connected, the call is monitored as it navigates through the IVR system. The agent queue monitoring adds the capability to interact with call agents and mimic customer call traffic. This allows organizations to know that the call queues are routing correctly, that they are being answered by live people, and within the mandated timeframe. If any of these requirements are not met, the company is notified immediately. 

TelcoAlert also offers a Load Testing solution which can generate up to 10,000 simultaneous calls to the IVR and Call Center systems. With AgentQ solution, calls are generated remotely and accessed through a public telephone network, using the same technology and methodology used for validating IVR and telecom routing. Instead of making a single check at a time, load testing is designed to hundreds or thousands of calls to simulate peak traffic. Each test plan (amount of calls, ramp-up speed, and call flow) is unique to individual clients but the same generalities are expected. The calls should connect, the remote system should answer properly, and the calls should be allowed to remain online for the duration of the test. The solution also tests new lines from carriers which are not validated or checked to be functional for the capacity requested. Both the AgentQ and Load Testing solutions are hosted services, which means that you do not have to purchase any hardware or software and no additional equipment is added to your infrastructure.

TalentKeepers – Employee Engagement   

 ccw.june2016dTalentKeepers, a pioneer in employee engagement, continues to develop solutions that span the employee life cycle. Through ongoing research and continuously updated products, they have helped shape the current level of knowledge and understanding of why workers choose to stay, what drives them away, how to prevent  businesses from being saddled with workers who ‘quit and stay’ and what factors can energize people to work harder and perform better. 

 To help businesses locate, develop and retain the kind of highly engaged employees who work with passion and are willing to go the extra mile, the company offers TalentWatch. It’s a research-based, client-proven employee engagement system that incorporates a broad-ranging engagement survey, detailed analysis including free response questions, comprehensive reporting, an executive dashboard, and online action planning. The customizable survey measures Leader, Organization, Job, and Co-Worker factors that promote employee engagement and boost retention.

For the past 12 years, TalentKeepers has conducted the Workplace America national report on employee engagement and retention trends.  It is no surprise that engaged employees improve critical metrics. When asked what performance indicators the organization was able to improve though increased engagement, the top five are Customer Service Ratings (66%), Productivity (62%), Safety (43%), Profitability (37%), and Sales (25%). Despite the knowledge of the impact an engaged workforce can have, employee engagement budgets across the US have fallen for the third consecutive year.  In 2014, 71% of all employers had some level of funding for employee engagement; in 2016 it is down 10%.

Employee retention also remains a major challenge.  Attrition at the one-year mark rose by about 14% year over year. For 2016, the trend continued with 51% of turnover nationally linked to job and career issues. This rise is often linked to recruitment and hiring practices where expectations are created that fail to match the reality of on-the-job demands.   

Instaply - Text-as-a-Service (TAAS)   

 ccw.juneeInstaply believes that within the next two years, companies that do not offer texting as a means of communicating with customers will be considered to be behind the curve.Instaply’s TaaS (Text-as-a-Service), is a cloud-based, white label text messaging platform that provides direct internal and external communication for organizations and their customers. It transforms the way organizations and consumers interact and communicate by enabling people to directly and conveniently connect anytime, anywhere and on any device. Instaply’s TaaS takes text communications to the next level, making it easier to adopt and implement, more scalable, and device agnostic. In addition, it’s TCPA compliant and enables organizations to manage workflow and transfer conversations to SMEs (subject matter experts). The solution also provides the capability to reduce response time restraints, allowing agents to more efficiently multi-task and increase their capacity at a lower cost to businesses.  It can produce FCR rates in the 90’s and bring CSAT scores to 85%.   

SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center

With the lines between digital marketing and customer service blurring, SAP offers solutions that intelligently unify the enterprise approach. They are creating opportunities for customers to meet their own needs, communicate directly with agents and manage in-person interactions, all while providing businesses with a single view of their customers. The multinational digital commerce/ sales/ service/ marketing software specialist used Call Center Week as the backdrop to announce SAP Hybris Service Engagement CenterThis new omnichannel cloud-based customer engagement solution empowers organizations to deliver convenient, contextual and relevant service experiences on any channel or device throughout the customer journey. 

A Self Service Customer Portal allows customers to take control of their service issues, creating new tickets and track the status of their existing support tickets. Customers can also register purchased products as well as download instruction manuals and ‘how-to’ guides to solve their service issues instantly.

Working together with SAP Jam Communities, the SAP Hybris Service Engagement Center delivers a clearer picture of customers’ needs and interests and offers relevant content designed to influence and accelerate purchases. Using SAP Jam Collaboration’s embedded solution-finder functionality, service agents and customers can search for relevant articles in a knowledge base, based on subject, categorization, or text analysis derived from keywords and sentiment indicators. It delivers relevant, expert product information to customers and agents across multiple channels using content ranking technology, and powerful analytics.

Research has shown that 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has product reviews. Thus, to remain competitive, commerce sites must instill this level of buying confidence, while offering up relevant and authentic content. SAP Jam Communities allow users to share knowledge through collaboration tools before making a purchase decision.

KomBea and Flatworld Solutions - Agent Assisted Speech   

Flatworld Solutions, a global BPO which operates across six continents, demonstrated their use of KomBea’sProtoCall Avatar/Soundboard Solutions technology.

 The solution claims the capability of cutting a business’s operating costs by up to 75%, cut training time of a new agent to less than 6 hours and increased compliance to 100%. Live agents call a business’ prospects and answer customer service inquiries with recorded, assisted dialogue that provides an undetectably accurate simulation of a natural conversation.

 ccw.junegProtoCall provides a consistent experience for every customer, with the accuracy and reporting that can only be obtained from automation. It enables companies to engineer quality into every call, utilizing a proprietary “Process Mapping” engine which  enables them to define and drive what is spoken to the customer, how case notes are documented, what is submitted into the order system and numerous other factors 

An easy-to-use desktop tool helps agents follow every conversation. With the click of a mouse, agents can play pre-recorded audio files, securely collect data, automate keystrokes within their CRM, and much more. The solution also enables agents to monitor and guide customers through their own personalized experience, filling in the gaps and responding to the needs of each individual caller.

ProtoCall’s voice blending solution allows businesses to record the most up-to-date and accurate disclosures and takes them live instantly, ensuring that each call is compliant. The system reduces agents’ stress level by reducing repetition, call escalation and the need for rigorous training processes. Agents are equipped with a vast library of information that enables them to answer every customer’s concern accurately and efficiently.

Responses can be programmed in a broad array of languages, with diction in almost any type of accent. When an incisive caller asks “Am I talking to a human?” the system offers a brief   explanation and then asks if they’d like to be connected to a live agent.

KomBea was incorporated in 2003 by founders with decades of combined call center operational experience. Its president and CEO, Art Coombs, came up with the idea for an agent-directed synthesized speech solution out of necessity to enable a higher level of consistency at a lower cost than anything  available in the marketplace.     

convoso (formerly SafeSoft Solutions) Cloud contact center

convoso began its existence as SafeSoft Solutions, a producer of outbound dialers, but became aware over the past few years that customers had a need for multiple means of communication. They created Omni Contact Center, a browser-based cloud offering, leaving in the best elements from what they had done before but also creating an infrastructure with robust functionality for both outbound and inbound operations. Their focus is now on offering businesses rapid deployment and highly flexible scalability with no need for IT involvement. They claim that if a company has a browser, it can have a functioning contact center up in 15 minutes. convoso works closely with organizations to find out what challenges and pain points they face, and then comes in to help them establish best practices with simplified onboarding and limited need for training on the agent side. It offers multichannel communications including voice, email, chat, SMS, mobile, and social. It boasts a drag-and-drop IVR designer that makes it easy to set up the proper inbound flows, business intelligence, and more. In addition, convoso provides the world's first gamified,100% browser-based contact center software in the cloud.