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Call Center Week Winter - Solutions Review


Presented By: CrmXchange

The first onsite event of the 2016 contact center educational calendar, Call Center Week Winter, was attended by a gathering of over 300 industry professionals representing a broad spectrum of organizations.   

The event’s sponsor, Call Center IQ, a division of IQPC, rebranded the conference and expo that had been known as The Future Contact Center Summit to align it with their successful Las Vegas-based Annual June Call Center Week event.    

The first two days of the program were devoted exclusively to boot camps; a site tour of the JetBlue Airways contact center and “University”; and several Conference Workshops. The main Conference was on Thursday and Friday. The focus was offering strategies and inspirational directions for service leaders to help them offer customers an “effortless experience”.   

CRMXchange had conversations with a sampling of the vendors. This summary is designed to give our readers a closer look at some of the new products and industry trends that were on display on the exhibit floor.  

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