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2019 CRMX Webinar Series - Long to Short Workforce Planning

 Presented By: Genesys

Often companies have several functions to help manage their contact center’s agent resources:  capacity planning, agent scheduling, and real-time management groups.  Even though they all have the same goals and are managing the very same resources, these groups can operate in semi-silos, with different toolsets and maybe different management.  Capacity planners will use a home-grown spreadsheet, while real-time teams will use their workforce management system.

Missing in much of the discussion around workforce management and planning is how to operate with the same assumptions and algorithms.  In this webinar series we will discuss ways to bring these separate functions together through better modeling, from long to short term, for multisite, multichannel operations.

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August 15th Long and Short Term Forecasts and Weekly to Interval Staffing Requirements
October 17th         Workforce Planning in a Digital World