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2023 Employee Engagement

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Prioritizing Agent Support and Reimagining Processes for Success

Tuesday Jun 6, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EDT — RECORDING

Thriving in the Evolving Contact Center Landscape

Join us as we take a hard look at the changes facing the human agents in the contact center and why now is the time to rethink our processes and strategies to support their success.

The contact center of today has been transformed. We are living in a time of historically high customer expectations, huge changes to the operating model of the contact center and of disruptive technical change. All of this has a profound impact on agents. Supporting their success in navigating these changes is critical. Today, we will examine this through a few lenses:

  • What is the real nature of agent life today & what is at risk if our support for them doesn’t change?
  • What are the approaches to caring for this change in support?
  • What is the value created by adopting these changes?


Trent Isaacs, Sr. Director, GTM Strategy, Real-Time Work, Verint

verint - Trent Isaacs Trent Isaacs, Sr. Director, GTM Strategy, Real-Time Work, Verint

Trent is responsible for driving the go to market strategy for Verint's industry leading Real Time Work solutions, including Real Time Agent Assistance and Real Time Coaching. This includes driving offering related activities across the company focused on driving business growth and helping our customers succeed in implementing real time strategies using Verint products.