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Let’s Play a Game - Good CX Journey vs Bad

Tuesday Mar 14, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM EDT — RECORDING

Your customers are on a journey. A lot of times they’re rolling the dice on how to locate you, communicate with you, purchase or solve a customer service issue, repurchase, recontact and so on. Now it’s your chance to roll the dice. Join us in a game of CX-opoly, where you can help two of your customers move around the game board and watch how their experiences differ. Do they get to the finish line with answers to their questions, do they get sent back to START …. or do they move along to a competitor? Their fate is in your hands! 

As our customers move along in their journey, we’ll discuss best practices such as listening and connecting customer journeys, maintaining focus on the customer experience to build loyalty in economically uncertain times, and simplifying customers’ tasks. Do you want to leave it up to chance or grab some winnings from the community chest? 


Abby Monaco, Senior Product Marketing Manager for NICE CXone

Nice-Nexidia.AbbyMonaco Abby Monaco, Senior Product Marketing Manager for NICE CXone

Abby brings over 20 years of experience in product management and marketing direction in software and technology. She is responsible for articulating and promoting the NICE vision, message and competitive advantages of the CXone portfolio, specifically in the areas of analytics and Enlighten AI.